How it works

Sometimes life events affect us in such a way that we feel that we could benefit from some support such as work stress, bereavement, or relationship difficulties. Other times we may be troubled by events or memories from our past such as in the case of various forms of abuse or other traumatic experiences. I work with your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as well as past experiences and memories where these may be able to further our understanding of your current situation. Working in this way allows me to adapt my approach so as to best support you.


What happens in a session? 

Usually you talk about anything that is on your mind. Anything can be a suitable subject for discussion in the counselling room. 


How many sessions would I need? 

I have experience of offering both short-term and longer-term therapy and understand that sometimes the length of time we can meet for might be influenced by factors such as finances or other situations in your life. If you decide to meet we can discuss your specific situation and together think about the length of time we might work together for.   


Is it confidential?

Yes, what we talk about is between you and me. There are however certain ethical and legal exceptions which we can discuss if we meet.


Do you offer on-line counselling?

Yes. Where location or lifestyle might prevent us from meeting face-to-face we can also meet via Skype. 


Please contact me for further help and information.